Furniture Repair


Whether it’s that farm-house-designed dining table that you purchased a while back or simply a traditional armoire that you inherited from your grandmother, EastBay Drywall Repair Service has the relevant skills when it comes to repairing your favorite pieces. Refresh your dresser with a fresh, new coat of paint. Restore your scratched coffee table. Resolve furniture damage and overall structural damage. Color-match your flea market nightstand to the bedroom for a cohesive appearance. Drywall Repair Service provides on-site furniture repair as the best alternative to expensive furniture replacement.
EastBay Drywall Repair Service offers a wide range of services to restore or repair the furniture in the house.

– Furniture Repair and Restore. Revive the original beauty and appearance to furniture that has been lost its functionality or damaged.

– Furniture Painting. Undoubtedly, painting wood furniture offers life to old and new pieces. The process entails expertly sanding and repairing blemishes, then applying primer and paint.

– Expert Color Matching. We will custom color-match cabinetry, millwork, and wood furnishings to existing furniture stains and colors.

– Dent/ Gouge/ Scratch Repair. We typically utilize unique products and methods to fill in scratches, dents, and gouges and restore your furniture.

Prevent the need for furniture repair! Call us for advice on how to maintain a great appearance for your furniture.

Maintaining Vintage Elegance;

We can help you maintain the elegance of your antique furniture. We always apply all kinds of quality finishing materials to restore the appearance of your interiors, such as a gold leaf, stains, and lacquers. We also offer custom color matching solutions.

Motion Furniture Services:

Thanks to the proper training of our furniture technicians by manufacturers, we can guarantee that services are performed expertly the first time. We specialize in repairing a variety of reclining furniture, adjustable beds, and patient lift chairs.

Reviving Leather Furniture:

We often replace padding, foam, and seat cushions to provide your upholstery with a new and enhanced appearance. Our team provides efficient methods to condition, clean, re-dye, and repair your leather furniture.

Claims and Inspections:

Additionally, you can trust us for furniture moving claims & inspections in case some accidents occurred. We’ll prepare a clear report of our evaluations.

Warranty Repair Claims:

We generally work with different furniture manufacturers and retail stores to have your furniture repairs covered.
Below are some specific repair & restoration services offered by furniture repair professionals:

– Minor Damage Repair. This includes the repair of stains, nicks, gouges, dents, and scratches.
– Adjustments. Gluing to repair broken parts and structural damage.
– Finishing, Polishing, and Restoration. It’s the refinishing of wood furniture to revive initial luster and repair wear and tear and minor surface damage. Additionally, color change and color matching services are provided.
– Disaster Furniture Restoration. Elimination of burns & watermarks and the repairs of any damage caused by fire, smoke, water, or even vandalism.

Upholstery Repair: Repairing of upholstery features on your furniture such as leather furniture.

Undoubtedly, your furniture is a worthwhile investment – particularly your antique and wooden furniture. Because of this, the right way to secure your investment is with reputable furniture repair & restoration services. The well-trained craftsmen that offer furniture repairs can update your antique and wooden furniture to its earlier state at a lower cost than replacing it.

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Furniture Repair
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