Foundation Repair

Strong foundations are fundamental in life as the basis for education, knowledge, relationships, and, more importantly, your property. In case your home does not sit on a solid and stable foundation, it will have many issues, such as:

– Bowing walls
– Wall crack
– Uneven floor
– Sticking windows and doors

Bowing Walls:

Do you need help straightening your bowing, buckling foundation walls? We can help. Our solutions are warrantied, long-lasting, and can often be installed in a day!

Establishing and repairing problems associated with foundation wall failure
Perhaps your foundation walls are buckling, bowling, or are showing various signs of inward movement.

– Walls are sliding in on the bottom
– Inward bulging or bowing along the walls
– Diagonal cracking at the poured concrete foundation walls’ corners
– Walls leaning inwards at the top
– Availability of expansive clay around the structure
– Wet, clay soils surrounding the house along with damaged walls

How to Resolve This:

By installing Wall Anchors along your bowing walls, you can apply the system’s clamping pressure to restore your wall to its stable condition. Typically, soil anchors are placed on the ground outside the house during the installation of soil anchors. Soil anchors consist of steel rods, which extend throughout the foundation wall and wall plates. Generally, wall plates help to distribute clamping pressure. Furthermore, tightening nuts on the rods’ threaded ends stabilizes and strengthens the wall for a long-lasting solution.

Straightening bowing, buckling foundation is our specialty! Our solutions are warrantied, permanent, and can often be installed in a day! Get in touch with us right away at (408) 338-6634 for a free foundation wall repair quote! We serve Milpitas, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Wall Crack:

In case your walls are cracking because of foundation settlement problems, the ideal solution might be foundation piers. Perhaps the foundation walls are failing because of expansive soil? In this case, a wall anchor system might fix your issue.

Foundation wall cracks repair:

Regardless of your issue is unstable soils or expansive soils below your foundation, various practical solutions may permanently repair your structure or foundation.

– Wall Anchor Systems
– Helical Piers
– Push Piers
– Foundation Pier Systems

Uneven Floor:

It’s quite rare to find uneven floors caused by issues with the actual floor system. Instead, it’s usually a shifting or settling foundation issue that has affected the floor system.

What About Floors on Crawl Spaces?

Typically, the floor joists on a crawl space are reinforced by the crawl space foundation’s perimeter walls, and by a column-and-beam or post framework that usually extends to the middle of the crawl space.
Quite frankly, a crawl space’s perimeter walls can shift or settle to cause floor issues above. However, it’s more prevalent for the center support system to sag because it was not correctly built, to begin with.

Sticking Windows & Doors

All openings found in a wall represent a weak point, particularly when it comes to load-bearing exterior walls. This is why foundation settlement will mostly cause cracks around door and window openings.

Fixing foundation issues that result in sticking windows & doors
Numerous problems can result in sticking windows and doors. However, the two most popular foundation-related causes are crawl space supports and settlement that have worsened, shifted, or settled.

In case your windows and/or doors are jamming, sticking, or your doors contain non-functioning locks, then you might have a foundation issue. Other common signs are window and door openings that are not square, uneven floors, and diagonal cracks at top corners of door and window openings.

Foundation Repair
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